Friday, 24 May 2013

Celebrate Doctor SMS Jokes Hindi/English|Doctor-Nurse Funny Jokes And Messages

Intruthing Doctor and Nurse funny relationship in Hindi, English Joke for you. Read and laugh with these top new comedy jokes from Doctor-Patient in Hindi jokes 140 words. Hare are the most funtastic jokes of Doctor on facebook and twitter.
Doctor: You need
New Glasses
Patient: How do you know
I havent told you
whats wrong with me yet
Doctor: I could tell
as soon as you
Walked in through
the Window

Doctors After Operation and Students After Exam Both tell the Same Answer
We Tried Our Best
Can’t Say Anything Right Now!

Patient:Nurse Moojhe EKDAM potti nahi aati,Chawal khaya to chawal nikle,Roti khaye to roti,normal ke liye kya karu?
Nurse:PoTTI KHA!!!!

Doctor: Kaise Aana Hua?
Santa: Doc Sab, Tabiyat Theek Nahi hai, Liver mein Pain ho raha hai
Doc: Daroo Peete ho??
Santa: Haan, Par Chhota Peg hi Banana.

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